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Harwan area in the srinagar are without reliable public transport in evenings causing immense inconvenience to commuters.

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Harwan area in the srinagar are without reliable public transport in evenings causing immense inconvenience to commuters

Srinagar: 28 December 2022, Social Activist and the president of the NGO Helping Hands Care Foundation J &K, Nasir Hussain said that Around ninety percent of commuters use public transport in Srinagar to reach their respective destinations on daily basis.

Nasir Hussain said,most of the public transport goes off the roads in evening. He said we are unable to find a cab after 5 pm even from City centre area to Harwan.Large number of commuters can be seen daily waiting for passenger buses and Cabs near Regal Chowk, Ganta Ghar , Dalgate and its adjacent areas.

Most of them, including elderly persons and students , can be seen waiting for passenger transport in evenings.

Nasir Hussain said “The cab operators due to their own convenience don’t go beyond Shalimar in evening.this is despite them being the part of Harwan Cab service. Sumos ferrying passengers on Harwan route change or shorten their destinations after 3 pm.

“Suppose, a sumo ferries passengers from Lal Chowk to Harwan. But after 5 pm, the same sumo refuses to cover this destination and will ferry passengers from Lal Chowk to shalimar only. It leaves passengers of Harwan area fuming and helpless,” Nasir added.

“The unreliability of public transport raises question over the functioning of concerned authorities,” said Nasir Hussain.

“Harwan residants particularly woman , students and patients are abandoned by the public transport and cab services in these times during evening,we even tried to reach out to these operators but nothing has been done,” Nasir added.

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“Nasir Hussain said this issue is affecting the education of the students have to hitchhike in the evening due to lack of transportation. Students are studying in various schools and colleges located in srinagar city areas. Every student has to spend Rs 90 per day on average for travelling in Sumo, to and fro. The bus fare would only be just Rs 30 to 40 per day on average if mini-buses are available on our route,” Nasir Hussain said.

“Everyone cannot afford a private vehicle.It is the responsibility of administration to ensure that public transport is available on roads,”said Nasir Hussain.

Nasir Hussain also appealed divisional administration and RTO Kashmir to look into the matter on priority.

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